Why choose pellets stove Mirage Therm

Why choose pellets stove Mirage Therm

Why choose a pellet stove from Mirage Therm? This is a question you probably ask yourself.


     The Mirage MS17 / MS17C stoves have a water jacket and are suitable for heating of your apartment, house, office, villa or restaurant. Additionally, in the MS17C we have added a room fan to improve the comfort of the room where the fireplace is placed. This enables you to increase comfort while saving installation money by not placing an additional radiator / convector in this room, and by adding a room temperature sensor you can control the fan's operation.

    Similar products (stoves) are produced by many Bulgarian, Macedonian, Turkish and other companies. The difference between the Mirage stoves and most of other brands units is the high efficiency achieved by the combustion chamber and heat exchanger in favor of the Mirage Therm’s products. In our products the flue gases pass through the heat exchanger four times (four flue passes). In contrast, most constructions of other manufacturers have only two flue passes. As a result, the residual flue gas temperature in the chimney at most of the other manufacturers' stoves is high and as result the heat rather than staying in the room runs through the chimney.

     The Mirage stoves are designed to absorb the maximum heat generated before the flue gases leave the heat exchanger and flow through the chimney. We think about you, so you - our customers are starting to spend less money then a huge number of other heating appliances from other manufacturers and from the very first day.

    Heating with a water jacket pellet and a room fan can reduce your heating costs almost by half compared to the use of conventional solid fuel, and to a large extent also compared to pellet stove without room fan. The reason lies in the fact that often in the room where the solid fuel fireplace is installed the room temperature rise much or there is a huge temperature fluctuation compared to the rest of the house. This certainly leads to higher heating costs. Using a room temperature controlled fan doses heat within your needs and thus does not make such an oversupply.

    We at Mirage Therm strive to create a product that offers not only a high efficiency of the combustion process but also a vision that can easily be combined with the individual interior. That's why we chose the cladding of the stove to be of granite tiles. Thus, the color, pattern and appearance of the cladding can be changed at any time. Some criticism has tolerated the size of our windscreen, but the realization of a more efficient heat exchanger with 4 paths and its larger dimensions did not allow us to increase the size of the glass and it did not become as big as we wanted.

    We also think about easy cleaning of the ash that accumulates. Cleaning is a procedure that is often overlooked by users, which often results in an inefficient or unstable operation of the pellet plant. Our products are designed with deeper sedimentation chambers and conforming smoke paths so that the cleaning procedure can be performed less frequently. We have also taken steps to make access to the inspection hatch very easy.

    Of course, we appeal to all users to regularly clean their equipment regardless of their manufacturer!

    Our clients generally like Mirage Therm products. Heating pellets with our fireplaces and boilers is a real pleasure.


Mirage Therm Team